Tax Preparer Associate

As a Tax Preparer Associate you will find opportunity, flexibility, support and an income that matches the effort you give.

As a TPA, you are given a set commission, so that the amount of money you make is solely up to you. Palomino Services Inc also has thousands return clients, how many will you take care of? You also have the benefit of fellow co-workers and supervisors with knowledge and experience to help you in any matter. Flexibility is one of our many specialties; pick the hours you want to work. 



Free Lance Associate

As a FLA you might as well think as yourself as a branch. You have more freedom to yourself. You set your times and days of operation. We include you and location in our advertising. This is a great opportunity for those wanting more control and responsibility. There is a higher commission rate and a greater understanding of the business of taxes.  The effort involved on your part will be the catalyst to create benefits will far out weigh any operating cost.


Remember either as a Tax Preparer Associate, or a Free Lance Associate, they are all ways of making great money in a respectable profession. There is no wrong choice here, all there is 3 different ways of making money. Depending on your will and desire there is nothing else in your way. Palomino Services Inc is here for you. 
For more information please call at 773-772-2288 directly. at office time

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